Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Personal Post: Our Engagement Photos!

Alright folks, today is a great day. You know why? Because our very own engagement photos are ready for the world to see! HOORAY! I can not tell you how much fun we had with our photographer Abby, from { Abby Grace Photography }, during our photo shoot. This girl is bubbly, energetic, and quite possibly my sister from another mister. After our first meet and greet, I knew she was going to be our photographer.

I'm giving you an itty bitty, tiny peek, but you need to check out the full blog post { here }. So, hop on over to her blog...immediately! Check out our engagement photos! They're full of love! 

OH! And also! If we make it to 40 comments, we get a free print of our choice! So comment away, loves! Comment away!

A huge thank you, again, to Abby. You are such a doll and have amazing talent. Thank you so much for capturing Seamus and I to a T. I am looking forward to December, when you get so shoot our wedding. Have a wonderful day, friends! 

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