Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tying the Knot: Nautical Save the Date

For those of you who haven't left your work desks, { or if you're like me just got home to relax and enjoy a little wine o'clock action } I have a lovely little evening post for you!

For the nautical lovers, this Save the Date should be right up your alley. I always love designing items that pertaining to the sailing world. Knots, ropes and anchors, there are so many ways to incorporate them into design.

Adorable, isn't it? I was so excited to send this off to the clients. And that cute "tying the knot" font? Perfect! I must give credit to Wendy from Weswen Design and her wonderful Font Fridays for introducing me to it. I knew the moment I saw it, I had to use it!

Have a lovely evening everyone! I shall be relaxing and diving into a glass of Apothic Red and my favorite Tuesday night shows.


  1. Um, how amazing is this? I mean - SERIOUSLY! Wow! :)

  2. Oh yay! I love when I see some Peach Sundress put to good use! It's just adorable! Great job :)

  3. this is so cute! great work girl.

    xx :: ashlyn

  4. These are so cute! I love the stripes. And the rope. And the anchor. Heck, I love it all.