Friday, February 25, 2011

Fabulous Find

Today's { Fabulous Find } comes from the oh so charming { Mimi & Lu }. These adorablly crafted pieces are just too cute to pass up.

1. Bloom Bangle
Wire wrapped bangle with bloom charm, custom hand stamped with initial.  Add a Round plate to customize! 2.75 in diameter Sterling Silver or Gold fill.
Bangle with Bloom charm: $69. Additional round charm: add $10

2. Bloom Necklace
Sterling Silver or Gold filled necklace with fluted bloom charm. Choice of 3 diff. lengths!
18” - $60, 20”- $64, 22” - $68

3. LoveScript Necklace
Matte gold or silver over pewter LoveScript Pendant 18 inches with lobster claw clasp
Show some LOVE! $35

You get check out more of their lovelies on their website.
Happy Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello luvahs!

Inspired by my recently submitted blog post for { Becoming the Mrs. } I'm in a STACHE-TASTIC mood! Aka, going bonkers for everything mustache. :Hint hint: You're going to want to check out my guest blog when it's posted. Oh, I'll be sure to you do...

Today's post is all about staches! Those silly things that men grow to make look distinguished. Or those awful things that certain military men grow on certain deployments to make themselves feel...manly. Ahem. Right...I digress. Well, those mustaches are a lot more than facial hair. They have become the influence of a growing trend all around us! Home decor, attire, weddings, design, you name it. These little guys pop up everywhere and I love it.

1. Keep Calm and Grow a Mustache T Shirt by Walk In Love Cothing
2. The Mustache Pet ID Tag by Makeyourdogsmile Etsy Shop
3. Stache-tastic Set by LittleRetreats Etsy Shop
4. Stemless Wine Glasses by Modernmandess Etsy Shop
5. Brown and Ivory Keychain by Katrinshine Etsy Shop
6. Kiss Me Right Under My Mustache Letterpress by handz Etsy Shop
7. Stachetastic Mustache Zipper Pull by Hownice Etsy Shop

 Guarantee you'll be wanting one of those! Just don't grow a mustache...please...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday

Why can’t we have it all? Looking great and feeling even better- what a truly fabulous, functional shoe should do. Heirloom quality, vintage-inspired designs that stand the test of time.  Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn with a little Gwen Stefani, Rachel Bilson, and Katy Perry mixed in.  The twins believe in pro-choice, the choice to have a killer shoe that isn’t a killer shoe. And thus the perfect pair was born. 

 { Leung Twins, Emily and Jessica  of Hey Lady }

These downright awesome shoes are the workings of two fantastically talented sisters. { Hey Lady } was created by Emily and Jessica Leung who were in search of the 'anti-dyeable, actually-danceable wedding shoe', and boy did they get it right. These artfully crafted shoes are beyond unique. Step into a pair of these on your wedding day, and you'll be sure to get a few looks. At least your feet will!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Big news!

Major news people! 

If you haven't noticed, I am now the official owner of the extremely fabulous domain name!

With these big changes, I also have a new email. For all comments, questions or emails just to say hi, my new email is now:

 { [email protected] }

Now memorize that bad boy! :) 

Monday Marvel

Spring is here! Well, almost. It certainly feels like it outside! Spoiled by 65 and sunny, this gorgeous Wilmington weather has got me all giddy inside. I must spread the love!

In light of our spring-like weather, for today's { Monday Marvel } I have discovered spring and floral inspired wedding favors. Courtesy of the wonderful Martha Stewart.

1. Dahlia Flowers
2. Matchbooks With Seeds
3. Small Plant Favors
4. Mini Bouquets

DIY Wedding Favors & Gifts, Martha Stewart Weddings

Precious! New and crafty ways for a spring or floral wedding. I particularly adore the matchbooks, so creative!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday

I couldn't choose just one, I couldn't! They were all just so glorious, I couldn't do it. In fact, I originally bookmarked 12 and then figured I should probably take it down a knotch. Shoes...they get me way too excited!

All of these dazzling shoes are from { Badgley Mischka } and you can find these particular ones on { }!

Pick a favorite! I have 20...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Marvel

Well hello { ban.dō }! Where have you been all my life? You have sure earned yourself a spot on this week's {Monday Marvel}. This whimsical ladies accessories company has a Valentine's Day treat for all your girlies out there, and I personally adore the items. From sparkly things, to gem shoe clips, this little shop has a trendy gift for the modern day chica.

1. girlie satin bow $15.
2. ban.dō heart shoe clips $25.
3. love barrette $25.
4. color block shoe clips $25
5. ban.dō heart headband {hot pink/red} $35.
6. ban.dō heart headband {red/black} $35.
7. ban.dō heart $15. 

Le sigh. Love is in the air...and your hair!

What's your favorite item from ban.dō's Valentine's day shop?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether your single, married, dating, or it's complicated...enjoy your Valentine's Day! Spend it with someone special, or perhaps just spend some time with yourself. Enjoy a me day, or a couples day. Either way, have a happy day. :)

Feeling the love...

Friday, February 11, 2011

And we're back!

Hello my lovely friends! Introducing the new and slightly improved Alexandra Nicole Design blog! Also, if you notice, I have a new logo. Hooray! I felt compelled to give myself a little sprucing up. While my old logo was great, this one fits me just right.

Now please, if you would all be patient, I'll still be making a few changes around the blog. Updating images, switching things around a bit, but don't worry, posting will commence come Monday morning, which all of you know is Valentine's Day! Oh what joy! While my love isn't here with me this year, I am still celebrating the holiday and enjoying it's general splendor. I hope you will too.

Now also, on this grand Valentine's Day, be sure to take a gander at my own fabulous sister's photography blog! Just visit the link { here } and all of you lovebirds will be in for a sweet, sweet surprise!

I encourage all of you to check it out, because it's going to be rather exciting.

With that said, I'm off! It's Friday and I need to get my butt to work. So long my little followers, I'll be back shortly for updates!