Friday, May 28, 2010

{ Studio Two Twenty Two }

My last post for the week is purely inspirational.

{ Studio Two Twenty Two Photography } was created by Becka & Nate and fun and quirky couple from Orlando, Florida. After coming across their blog, I knew I had to share with you their amazing work.

I give you the photo that took my breath away and got me hooked...

Consider their blog officially bookmarked.

To visit their website click { here } and for their block click { here }. I promise you will not be disappointed

Enjoy your holiday weekend, I know I will!
Alexandra Nicole.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

{ Facebook }

Ladies and gentleman, I am up and running on Facebook! Please check out my new page and show your support! Just search Alexandra Nicole Design and you are good to go! It is still in the works, so be patient, but I will be adding more and more each and every day.

Thanks so much!
Alexandra Nicole Design

Monday, May 24, 2010

{ Monday Marvels }

It's that time again! Time for another { Monday Marvel }.

Today, I was yet again 'Stumbling' along, and found a pretty awesome tool.

Introducing, 0 to 255. 

What is 0 to 255 you ask? Well, for a designer, it is pretty much color happy heaven. Created by Shaun Chapman, this nifty little tool help designers with color. I would be easier if I let him explain...

'Basically, it's a simple tool that helps web designers find lighter and darker colors based on any color. Why is this necessary? Well, that takes a little more explanation. 

I built 0to255 to make my job easier. I'm a web designer who works with colors every day. Usually, I'll start with a color I want to use, then I'll manipulate it for various functions. For example, I might brighten a link in its hover state or darken a button's border to make it contrast with surrounding elements. Web designers do things like these several times an hour.

Most of the time, I'll just guess the hex code (which takes practice and is far from perfect) or, if I'm feeling particularly patient, I'll wait the gazillion years it takes for Photoshop to open. Even then, finding lighter and darker colors in Photoshop is somewhat unintuitive due to it using HSV rather than HSL for its color picker. The whole experience is a royal pain-in-the-arse.

0to255 cures your color manipulation woes. Simply pick the color that you want to start with and 0to255 gives you a range of colors from black to white using an interval optimized for web design. Then, just click the variation you want to use and the hex code is automatically copied to your clipboard.

It's fun, simple, and a huge time-saver'

There you have it! Basically I have bookmarked this site and will be referring to it quite often. Play around if you feel like it. For those of you who aren't design nerds, just look at the pretty colors. :)

Write soon,
Alexandra Nicole

Friday, May 21, 2010

{ Songbird }

Today I have a real treat for you.

I was recently contacted by yet another old high school friend who was willing to take little chance on me and design a set of business cards for her. As I recall, classical vocalist, Katherine Sanford, has one of the most beautiful voices. Not to reminisce too much on the old days, but we were once in our high school choral groups together. Ah, memories.

Today, she is venturing into the freelance world as well, offering a number of musical services. She came to me hoping I would create a not-so-obvious business card for her, and that's exactly what I did! Katherine came up with the most fabulous idea of incorporating a songbird in the design. What began as a simple suggestion in an email, turned out to be a wonderfully creative idea!

I am thrilled with this adorable design, as Katherine and I seemed to be on the same page. The colors are lovely, the design ins playful and unique, the songbird is just too darn cute for words, and I ended up with a happy and very satisfied client.

I hope you enjoy this little Friday treat! I'm jet setting away for the weekend, with lots of family fun ahead.

Will write soon,
Alexandra Nicole

Thursday, May 20, 2010

{ Fabulous Wedding }

One word. Fabulous.

The dress, fabulous. The shoes, fabulous. The bride, fabulous!

You get the idea. 

I had to sit for a moment and take a deep breath on this one. This wedding is more than inspiring, not to mention the bride is absolutely gorgeous! I just can't get over how many glorious details there are! The flowers, the cakes, the invitations, everything so perfectly coordinated and cohesive, yet they hold their own by themselves.

I have a few of my favorite shots posted, but you can also view the entire wedding on photographer { Stephanie Williams } blog.


I hope you enjoy this wonderful wedding as much as I do!

Write soon,

Alexandra Nicole

Monday, May 17, 2010

{ Monday Marvels }

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Monday! Yes, I said wonderful Monday. Feeling quite sprightly today actually...perhaps my { Monday Marvel } will put you in a good mood as well.

Before I discovered my infatuation with weddings, I seriously considered package design. During my school days I enjoyed the thought process and all around creative ideas that went into branding a product. Not too long ago I discovered Lovely Package. In my eyes, it is the number one source for the top notch package design. Creative doesn't even begin to describe these incredible designs. And the best part is, some designs are created by students.

I wanted to post just a few of my favorites that are just so inspirational and darn right awesome. You can browse the website as well @ { Lovely Package }

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Write soon!
Alexandra Nicole

Thursday, May 13, 2010

{ Sweethearts }

Hi all! 

Today I came across some adorable handmade wedding items and felt compelled to share the love!  

Ann Wood is quite the crafty girl! She works mostly with salvaged materials, many of which are vintage or antique garments which I absolutely love. Creating something new out of something old is something beautiful to me. Even if it is a family heirloom, or a little nifty piece of cloth found in a thrift shop. 

Ann has many collections but my favorite is by far her birds and her { Sweetheart } Birds for weddings or cake toppers! They are definitely one of kind! Check out this adorable little pair! 

Precious huh? This little set named 'Odette' is made from ivory silk satin, antique floral lace and ivory fine silk tulle. She has a long painstakingly made train that can be worn over or under her tail. Royal is in ivory and black silk satin and he has a glittery little top hat. If you prefer a different color for Royal's boutonnière please enter it in the text box. You can also choose a ribbon color for Odette if you like. A base set is also available! 

Props to Ann Wood for being so crafty! 

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Thursday! 

Write soon, 
Alexandra Nicole

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{ Design Challenge }

Today is mark's another Alexandra Nicole Design first! Introducing: Design Challenge.

Just last week I mentioned to my readers that I would be taking suggestions for my designs. Ideas for invitations, weddings, business cards anything!

My sister was first to jump at the opportunity and submitted a gorgeous picture of a flower she recently took. Now, for those of you who are not aware, my sister is a wonderful photographer! Not too long ago she decided to pursue her passion. By creating 'misa*me photography', my sister has now developed into a well known artist.

This is the image which she supplied stating: "Design an invitation that is inspired by this flower I photographed...whatever strikes your interest from the photo!

With this flower, I was inspired by it's color and the exotic look. I decided to indulge myself in a destination wedding invitation! My sister also decided to take part in the naming of my hypothetical clients. Oh sisters...

So here it is, my first design challenge! I hope you enjoy the design board I have created for you. It includes an invitation, envelope design, along with table numbers. Now, in a perfect world I would have all printing supplies and money necessary to supply this sort package, but like I said, I wanted to indulge a little bit. :)

Who knows, maybe some day I will be able to really make this design come to life.

I'll be writing soon!
Alexandra Nicole

Monday, May 10, 2010

{ Monday Marvels }

Good morning everyone!

Welcome to the newest addition of Alexandra Nicole Design...Monday Marvels! Each Monday I will post something wonderful, creative, inspiring, or just something I feel like showing the world!

I am a huge fan of Whenever I get the itch to find something new on the web, I always use it! I stumble away, discovering great finds from recipes, to photography, to travel tips.

I have 'favorited' a few, and came across Erin Vey, a fabulously skilled photographer! For those of you who don't know, in just a month or so my boyfriend and I will be bringing a new little addition into our family...a little boy Maltese! We have officially named him Jameson and this photographer is someone I would want to hire down the road. Now, I'll give you a hint to what she photographs. They're loveable, slobbery, and fluffy all over...yes that's right, dogs! She captures the essence of each member of the family perfectly. Take a look around, her website is wonderful and she even has a blog!

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do! Have a wonderful Monday! (Oxymoron?) 
Alexandra Nicole

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

{ Anchors Away }

Ahoy there! 

Okay, sorry, really corny I know. I hope I find you all doing well on this rainy Tuesday afternoon. Yes, rain. I'm not thrilled either.

Instead of being glum, I decided to go with the flow of my nautical mood and design a wedding invitation along with a :bonus!: r.s.v.p card! Yes, I know...can you handle it? I sure hope so, because there are two versions.

I have come to find out that it is quite difficult to design an invitation without an actual client. No bridezilla to direct my every click of the mouse. Which is why from here on out, I would love to take suggestions! Themes, names, locations etc...bring em on! I want nothing more than to hear from my fans and what better hear your ideas and bring them to life.

If I get as many suggestions as I hope I do, I will try to do one every week.

Email me your suggestions, or comment on a blog post! Note that I have added a gadget where you can view all comments at the bottom of my blog. I will check this periodically and hopefully I can pick a theme to design for you!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alexandra Nicole