Friday, April 30, 2010

Feeling nautical...

Good morning all!

Today I have a lovely gift for you! I have recently completed my first business endeavor. Because I have basically done everything except putting my face on a billboard to get my name out there, I was recently contacted by an old high school friend of mine to help design a business card for Pette Marine Services, LLC located in Annapolis, Maryland. Hmm...that's silly, I thought I moved to North Carolina? Oh, how I miss the joys of Annapolis. The water, the boats, the shopping, the general splendor of it all! Making these business cards got me in a nautical mood. I suddenly feel compelled to buy a boat...

It was a pleasure to work with an old friend and to develop my business! I couldn't be happier.

I hope you all enjoy the fabulous business cards and have a wonderful weekend!

Alexandra Nicole

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sea shells by the sea shore!

Hello everyone!

Just because I was feeling inspired today, I decided to play around during my lunch break.

I have created for you lovely readers a wedding invitation! Three color versions at that! Beach themed if you will. It's not in your face, there isn't sand all over the place, it crisp and clean. Just the way I like it.

I love shells. I find them to be pure, especially those gorgeous white ones that seem to have no imperfections what so ever. I wanted to chose a class icon for the beach other than an anchor, or a boat etc.

Please click to view larger version!

Just a little Friday afternoon treat for you to enjoy. Hopefully it can hold you at bay until Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Alexandra Nicole

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beachy Bridal Shower!

Hello all!

Just the other day I received in the mail (thanks to my fabulous cousin) my design for a Bridal Shower Invitation! A while back, my cousin asked me to do her a favor and help design these adorable beach themed invites. She gave me some inspiration and an incredibly creative poem and I got to work. She had them printed so I was finally able to check out my final product on paper, along with a matching pink envelope.

Here is the design! I hope you love it!

I will write back soon!
Alexandra Nicole

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello world!

Hello! Welcome to Alexandra Nicole Design. 

First of all, thanks for coming to my blog! Be sure to follow and comment as much as you like! I would love to hear back from you. 

For those of you who don't already know me, my name is (as you can clearly see) Alexandra, but I go by Alex for short. I currently live in Wilmington, North Carolina and love it! I recently decided that I wanted more in my life and more in my career. With the help of a new friend, I took one step forward into the freelance world! So here I am, and ready for action. 

I will be updating my blog periodically to get it nice and fancy for all you lovely people! I hope to be blogging about beautiful designs that I just can't help but share with you, along with business endeavors and other misc. things I can think of! 

But for now, I have my first official post. 

After completing my logo, I have been working on my business cards, and I think you might like them! No, love them!  

Short and sweet, I know but I must continue my website, blog, twitter, facebook :whew: developments! 

I will write soon!